Active School Week



Active School Week

Our Active week took place from April 25th until April 29th.

Click the link to view our Active Week timetable:


Pupils vs. Teachers Event

On Wednesday, April 26th, the 6th Class pupils took on the school staff in a game of ‘Shoot the Hoops’. It was a close and tense affair which ended in a sudden death shoot off. The 6th Class were the victors and received their ‘Class of 2022’ hoodies as a prize.

Whole School Fun Event

Our main whole school Fun Event was Bean Bag Golf. It took place on Monday, April 25th 2022. Ms. Mann got the idea from one of the Active School Flag webinars she attended in March 2022.

The course included 15 holes; 10 for the Junior Classroom and 15 for the Senior Classroom.

The rules were as follows:

  1. Follow the arrows on the map and the flags outside to complete the course.
  2. Use under-arm throw only to get the bean bag from the cone to the hula hoop.
  3. Fill in the Score Card after each hole.
  4. The lowest score wins.
  5. If your bean bag touches/hits one of the following on the way to the hula hoop, you get a 2 point penalty (Senior Class only).
  • Car
  • School building
  • Tree
  • Circle on basket ball court
  • Basketball hoop

Each pupil was given a map and a score card to record their scores. For this event, the senior pupils (Playground Leaders) worked in groups with the junior pupils. They walked them through the course, pointed out the flag markings and showed them how to record their scores with on their score card. They also modelled how to perform an underarm throw.

                                 Junior Class Map                                                                    Senior Class Map

We also held two other events on Thursday, April 28th 2022 for 1st to 6th Class pupils. We played ‘Rob the Nest’ and ‘Football Volleyball’. The pupils played these games previously with our Tag Rugby Coach, Tadgh and our GAA coach, Deccie.

Taster Sessions: Soccer & Gaelic Football

All the pupils enjoyed taster sessions from two local clubs. On Tuesday, April 26th 2022, Brendan from Athy Soccer visited the school while on Friday, April 29th, Lorraine and J.J. from Grangenolvin Gaelic Football Club also put the pupils through their paces.



During Active week, swimming for 2nd -6th class began on April 27th for a six-week period. Before swimming lessons started, both teachers taught the PAWS programme using the resources on (Link to slide shows and lesson plans).


The pupils took part in a Zumba session with Lisa on Thursday, April 28th 2022. Lisa has visited our school before and the pupils loved seeing her again. They really enjoyed the music and busting some moves.


Individual Challenges

On Thursday, April 28th 2022, the senior pupils took place in the ‘Individual challenge’. We started with a whole class activity. The pupils had to throw a tennis ball against the school wall for one minute and count how may times they could catch it with on hand in a minute. They then repeated the activity with aim of improving their original score. All pupils did.

The pupils then broke into groups. They had a choice of three activities: keepie uppies, skipping with ropes, shooting hoops with a basketball. The aim was the same as before to improve on their score and challenge themselves with something new.


Junior Obstacle Course

Some of the pupils in the Junior Room couldn’t go to swimming but they came up with our own way to stay active while the bigger pupils were gone. They had a discussion, looked at the P.E. equipment and picked a few interesting items. Then they went outside with their teacher, Ms. Dunne, made two teams. They designed and set up two amazing obstacle courses with balancing, skipping, jumping and running. It was fantastic fun and got us moving, cheering and laughing.

Active Week Homework

Both class teachers replaced written homework with physical activity tasks to be completed at home. We used the ‘Active Homework Ideas’ Chart from the Resources section on the Active School Flag website.


Active Raffle

Our Active school week included an ‘Active raffle’ in which we raffled the two bikes which have been donated by Bradburys over the last few years. We also raffled two Gaelic footballs and two soccer balls. We had six very happy winners.