World Mental Health Day 2018

On Wednesday, the 10th of October 2018, the school took part in the Great Headbomz assembly to mark World Mental Health Day. Each pupil wore rainbow colours and donated €2 towards the Amber Flag Initiative. On the day, the children took place in activities which supported a positive mind and body.

  • The pupils discussed and gave advice to the children on Squisher Squasher cards. (

  • They continued to read the novel, ‘Headbomz: Wrecking your head’

  • All pupils coloured the ‘Talking makes us stronger’ worksheet.

  • The Senior pupils drank tea, ate biscuits and had a chat. They also wrote positive things about each other during the ‘Give a Compliment’ activity.

  • They worked for a ‘Friendship contract’ display for the Amber Flag notice board.

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