Textures, trees and teeth

March madness indeed at Scoil Naomh Treasa.

The Senior Class had a great time composing Scoil Naomh Treasa chants. They used percussion instruments and their knowledge of rhythm and beat in order to make catchy chants celebrating all that is great about our school. They were also very busy with their spring balances, learning all about gravity and forces and experimenting with the forces exerted on moving objects by different textures.
The Junior room became a forest for the forest rangers Aistear topic. They have been learning all about deciduous and evergreen trees and labelling the parts of a tree. As part of this topic they also discussed the different textures we can find in the world around us and even spent some time outside using these natural textures to create beautiful tree pictures.

Both classrooms had a visit from the dental nurse who went through the importance of a healthy diet. We all learned about careful brushing and how we can avoid tooth decay if we brush regularly and stick to healthy snacks. In the junior room we practiced brushing with the huge teeth and learned all about acid monsters and how much they love sugar (even the sneaky sugars found in ‘No Added Sugar’ foods!!) We then invited our parents in to hear what we had learned and celebrate as we received our Mighty Mouth certificates for all our hard work.