More fun days in June with our School Tour

As we said in our Amber Fun post we took things very seriously when it came to rewarding ourselves after a year of hard work. Our school tour was no exception.
The day started with a very excited bus journey to Portlaoise. We sat beside our friends and chatted, laughed and sang all the way.
When we got there we were shown to our base for the day, a very cool party room where we would later eat our chips and treats. After a quick chat it was down to business, the business of having fun.

The Senior class started with bowling under the funky blue lights which made us all look like we were glowing. Meanwhile the Junior class were getting familiar with the giant play space with a ball pit, 3 separate slides, an air canon and many more obstacles and fun spaces to explore.

After a small break we swapped with the senior class having time at the play area while the Juniors took their chance at the bowling lanes.

The Senior class had a fantastic time at Laser Quest with some interesting sneaky tactics being used by a few people!! We couldnt wait to get our score cards and find out who had been shooting us all along.

After enjoying a hot lunch at our party table we were all absolutely exhausted in time for the bus journey home.

Click here for a better look at the fun we had.

School Tour