A visit from The Mc Donalds

With such busy weeks during December (click on our December blog post to find out more) we were all glad to relax at the weekends but found ourselves glued to the television on Sunday evenings for Ireland’s Fittest Family. We were all following the Mc Donald Family from Laois and were delighted when they made it to the final.

On the Wednesday showing of our Christmas play we couldn’t believe our luck when Josh, our SNA, organised for Kate and her Dad Martin to come and visit the school. That morning we re-watched the final together in school. Chants of encouragement and cries of disbelief could be heard from each classroom as we watched the heart-breaking final obstacle course.

Kate and Martin arrived at break time and we all ran to meet them, there was just enough time for a short chat and for us to tell them how impressed we were with how well they had done before it was time for us to get into our costumes. They were really kind and told us all about Irelands Fittest Family, staying to watch us perform our play. They even stayed behind after the play to sign autographs and take pictures with us. It was a truly magical day, one we will remember forever!

— Anne Dunne

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