Textures, trees and teeth

March madness indeed at Scoil Naomh Treasa. The Senior Class had a great time composing Scoil Naomh Treasa chants. They used percussion instruments and their knowledge of rhythm and beat in order to make catchy chants celebrating all that is great about our school. They were also very busy with their spring balances, learning all about gravity and forces and experimenting with the forces exerted on moving objects by different.

Our New Listening Station

Every Thursday in the Junior Room we take part in literacy stations. We spend time reading books in our carefully chosen groups, playing games to improve our reading and rhyming and we even use glitter and sand trays to practice writing and spelling. Lots of the games and equipment we use is bought with the lunch money which is kindly donated by some parents every week. We were very excited.

Fair Trade Competition

Our Learning Support teacher, Ms Quirke-Bolt has always encouraged us to buy Fairtrade and become aware of the importance of supporting Fairtrade. As part of this she invited us to take part in the Fairtrade Carlow poster competition. All pupils spent time learning about Fairtrade products and how to recognise the Fairtrade logo and then took the time to design and colour Fairtrade posters. We were absolutely delighted to hear.

Pancake Tuesday with Ms Quirke Bolt

Ms Quirke-Bolt made pancake Tuesday a fantastic day here in Scoil Naomh Treasa. We all had the chance to spend time in the lunch hall making and topping our own pancakes. Our favourite part was the pancake flipping, we’ve all now become pancake making and flipping experts, as you will see if you click below. http://scoilnaomhtreasa.ie/?gallery=pancake-tuesday

Amber Day Competition

As part of Amber Day all pupils took part in a poster and slogan competition. The Senior class were asked to come up with a slogan promoting mental health which we could then adopt as our school’s Amber Code. As part of their entry they were asked to design a poster to accompany the slogan. There were some beautiful entries with Amy coming out the eventual winner with her entry.

Amber Day

On 15th February 2019 we enjoyed a day of fun and focused on our mental health at our Amber Day. We all wore amber clothes and spoke about mental health strategies we have been learning such as mindfulness colouring and activities and the importance of talking about our feelings. We also remembered the importance of healthy eating for our mental health with Bradbury’s kindly providing soup and unusual fruits for.

February 2019

Along with continuing to improve our physical health with the daily mile we also started to really focus on our mental health in February. In our friendly little school community random acts of kindness are very common. We decided to start making note of these acts of kindness with a beautiful display in our lunch hall. Each day we mention people who have been kind to us and to others.

The Daily Mile

January is the month for new starts and resolutions and we decided to make a healthy new start together when we joined the country-wide athletics initiative ‘The Daily Mile’. This means that we have made a promise to run/walk one mile every school day from January to April 2019. For the first few days we found it quite difficult and weren’t sure we’d ever manage to run the whole mile..

Procedural Writing in the Senior Class

On the 15th of January 2019, we started a new writing genre, Procedural Writing. We wanted to explore the genre in a fun and tasty way as a whole class so we made chocolate and marshmallow biscuit cake. It was yummy!! Check out the recipe below! How to make chocolate & marshmallow biscuit cake Ingredients 2 ½ packets of plain digestive biscuits 1 tub of mini-marshmallows 5 packets of milk.

A visit from The Mc Donalds

With such busy weeks during December (click on our December blog post to find out more) we were all glad to relax at the weekends but found ourselves glued to the television on Sunday evenings for Ireland’s Fittest Family. We were all following the Mc Donald Family from Laois and were delighted when they made it to the final. On the Wednesday showing of our Christmas play we couldn’t believe.

December 2018 – The Magical Christmas Jigsaw

December was a fantastic month, with an exciting visit from the amazing Mc Donalds who came second in Ireland’s Fittest Family 2018. Click on our dedicated blog post to read about how that went! We had a frantic and exciting time preparing for our Christmas play, The Magical Christmas Jigsaw. Along with the demanding days in rehearsal we were busy in the classrooms enjoying Christmas themed art and games and.

November 2018

We’re all a little colder now that winter has begun so we’ve been keeping busy. The Green Schools committee have been very busy setting up their new initiatives and making sure we can all become responsible about our waste. Click on the Green Schools tab on our homepage, we’re sure you’ll be very impressed by how much they’ve done so far. Tag rugby coaching, sponsored by Leinster rugby and provided.

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